Project Profile: LA BioMedical Hanley-Hardison Research Center, Torrance, Calif.

Contract Value: $559,800.00

     In January of 2008, A&F Electric was awarded the competitive bid electrical contract for the new LA Biomedical Hanley-Hardison Research Center Building, located at the Harbor UCLA Medical Center campus in Torrance, CA. This new 15,500 sq ft 2-story ground-up masonry building will provide new biomedical research laboratories and support areas for Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, The project broke ground in July of 2007 and was completed on time in July of 2008.

     The electrical system included the following:

  • High voltage site electrical tie-in to existing U.G. system.
  • 1600A 277/480V main switch board/service.
  • 250KW emergency back-up diesel generator and ATS to provide 400A of backup power.
  • 16 new panels and 2 transformers.
  • Electrical support for 100 tons of HVAC and complex mechanical equipment.
  • Biomedical research laboratories and support areas.
  • 200 sq ft walk-in refrigerator with redundant refrigeration equipment.
  • High end lighting system with building automation control system.
  • Complete fire alarm system.
  • Elevator equpiment electrical support.

     The electrical installation was completed at the existing Harbor UCLA medical campus and required coordination with on site power and communication service departments. This project was completed without any OSHA recordable incident rate (ORI) or lost work day incident rate (LWIR) injuries.

Project General Foreman: Brian Batts
Project Foreman: Steve Hendrickson

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