Project Profile: ExxonMobil Quality Assurance Laboratory, Torrance, Calif.

Contract Value: $1,061,000.00

     In November 2008, after extensive budgeting and negotiations, A&F Electric, Inc. was selected as the Design & Build electrical contractor for a new 10,640 sq ft petroleum production and testing laboratory at the ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance, CA, A&F was not only selected for our extensive laboratory design & build experience but also for our above average safety record, our extremely low workers comp Experience Modification Rating (EMR) and our unblemished OSHA Recordable Incident rate (ORI). All three are required to receive a "risk level 1" certification and to become an approved contractor at any ExxonMobil facility.

     In an effort to initiate new cost saving concepts for their construction projects, this new building will be the first and largest ground-up design & build "hard bid" contract for ExxonMobil.

     The design process required 4-6 months of coordinated efforts in partnership with the general contractor and the City of Torrance Building Department as well as the ExxonMobil MQOP representative, their safety team and their laboratory construction management team. The electrical design needed to meet with all applicable NEC and city/state codes and also all ExxonMobil Global Practice (GP) requirements and certifications. A&F was required to operate and maintain an approved Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and all A&F field technicians were required to participate and pass multiple safety training classes to receive/maintain their "Risk Level 1" certification status.

     This ground-up masonry building included the following electrical scope of work:

  • New site electrical underground utility services with rebar reinforced concrete duct banks.
  • Site utility coordination with other vendors for offsite refinery support services and facilities.
  • New 1600A 277/480v main service with a 1600A 3P draw-out MCB, electrically operated remote racking, GFI and upstream power source protection.
  • Distribution consisting of (12) panels, (1) 500kva transformer and (1) 1200A 120/208v distribution switchboard.
  • All new interior and exterior lighting system with motion sensor switching.
  • (2) 60 ton chillers and ancillary support mechanical equipment.
  • Branch circuits to (23) fume hoods, lab equipment, (10) double sided laboratory work benches, (4) knox motors and HVAC equipment.
  • Conduit, box and overhead cable tray system for HVAC DDC system controls, telephone and data wiring, Fire Alarm System as well as a complete sound/paging system.
  • Electrical service to a mechanical equipment yard, chemical storage building and a remote covered drum storage area.

This project's official ground breaking was in April of 2009 and was completed on time in October 2010. Of special note: this project was completed without a single OSHA recordable incident rate (ORI) or lost work day incident rate (LWIR) injury.

Project General Foreman: Brian Batts
Project Foreman: Joe Marquez

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