LA Clean Card Certification:

In our continuing effort to maintain a safe and drug/alcohol free workplace, A&F contracts with ASAP Drug Solutions, Inc. to provide all of our drug and alcohol testing along with several safety training and certification programs. These programs are mandatory for all A&F field technicians and are based on an annual safety test or review along with random testing throughout the year.

These certifications are also reviewed on an "as-needed" basis by many of our refinery, industrial manufacturing, security and other high profile clients.

In partnership with ASAP Drug Solutions Inc. all A&F field employees are:
  • LACC certified, (Los Angeles Clean Card).
  • OSCA certified, (Occupational Safety Council of America).
  • OSCA "HITS" certified, (Hazard Identification Training System).
  • LARSO certified, (Los Angeles Refinery Safety Overview).
A&F is currently an approved contractor with a "Risk Level 1" certification at EXXONMOBIL Refinery, Torrance. In the past A&F has also been an approved "Risk Level 1" contractor at the following locations:
  • Shell Oil Co Refinery, Carson
  • Texaco Refinery, Torrance
  • ARCO Refinery, Torrance
  • UNOCAL Oil, Fullerton
  • BP / ARCO, Anaheim
  • Edwards AFB, Lancaster
  • Norton AFB, San Bernardino
  • George AFB, Victorville
  • JPL, Pasadena

LACC Drug and Alcohol Program Membership Verification Document