Field Safety:

Due to our diligent jobsite safety efforts, A&F electric has earned a beneficial and extremely low interstate Experience Modification Rating (EMR) though the California workers compensation rating system. This safety rating has allowed A&F access to projects not available to many of our competitors.
     2006 EMR: .83
     2007 EMR: .79
     2008 EMR: .76
     2009 EMR: .76
     2010 EMR: .73
     2011 EMR: .76
     2012 EMR: .79
     2013 EMR: .79
     2014 EMR: .93
     2015 EMR: .95

We have also been able to maintain a clear OSHA Recordable Incident Rate (ORI) and 0 Lost Workday Incidence Rate (LWIR).
     2006 ORI: 40,000 hours, (0) LWIR
     2007 ORI: 46,835 hours, (0) LWIR
     2008 ORI: 37,000 hours, (0) LWIR
     2009 ORI: 25,971 hours, (0) LWIR
     2010 ORI: 31,390 hours, (0) LWIR
     2011 ORI: 27,856 hours, (0) LWIR
     2012 ORI: 26,852 hours, (7.45) LWIR
     2013 ORI: 28,847 hours, (0) LWIR
     2014 ORI: 21,086 hours, (0) LWIR
     2015 ORI: 28,368 hours, (0) LWIR

General Safety Officer, Lori Himes, has 30+ years employment at A&F and General Foreman and Field Safety Officer, Brian Batts, has 30+ years employment at A&F.

At A&F, our in-house field training and safety training is an on-going operation carried out by field foreman with all certified and non-certified field technicians utilizing the following methods.
  • Weekly tailgate safety meetings promoting a "safety first" policy
  • Monthly general safety meetings
  • Daily promotion of A&F safety requirements and practices to provide a safe work environment to prevent injury
  • Daily on-site supervision and electrical installation field training
  • Regular equipment training where necessary
  • Mandatory enforcement of proper safety ware, (hardhats, safety glasses, boots, work clothes, gloves, etc.)
  • Promotion of company sponsored after hours technical training courses for all regular employees
  • Daily hands on training for non-state-certified employees for NEC code requirements and applications as well as electrical installation procedures and techniques
  • Company sponsored general electrician state certification testing for all non-certified regular employees
  • Strict use of lock-out-tag-out procedures to provide a safe work place
  • Companywide participation of LACC drug and alcohol program and testing
  • Regular participation in all of our clients workplace safety and certification orientations and classes
  • Regular compliance with local ordinances, licensing and jobsite permitting regulations