Project Profile: San Antonio Community Hospital
Radiology Room #3 Renovation, Upland, Calif.

Contract Value: $140,000.00

     In April of 2010, A&F was selected as the Design & Build electrical contractor for a multi phased, 2,275 sq ft radiology department renovation at San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland, CA, A&F was selected as part of the design & build team due to our extensive experience in OSHPD projects and our successful past working relationships with the general contractor, architect, hospital and OSHPD.

     This 279 bed acute care hospital facility was founded in 1907 and has undergone numerous renovations and expansions. Due to the building’s age and multiple additions, this installation would require considerable expertise and constant coordination with the hospital staff & maintenance personnel to assure a proper installation. Special precautions needed to be followed due the construction site’s proximity to other radiology rooms, ongoing patient care and stringent infection control measures required at SACH.

     The design phase, with plancheck reviews thru OSHPD, was completed with coordinated efforts by the GC, architect, Phillips and the other discipline’s design team members in the alloted time frame. After demolition of the existing radiology rooms, construction started in July of 2011 and was completed in March of 2012. The Philips Allura equipment final certification and commissioning were also completed in March.

     This OSHPD project’s scope of work included the following:

  • New 150A 480v 3Ø service feeder routed thru two different building additions/elevations.
  • CMLA SS-IR3 digital Surge Suppressor and Voltage Regulator system.
  • Three new panels with new feeders routed thru two different building additions/elevations for lighting, power and emergency power.
  • Complete new lighting system with Lutron dimming controls at the procedure room, the control room and the patient recovery room.
  • New Walker floor-duct and wall-duct systems for the Philips Allura Cardiac Cath Lab equipment line and low voltage wiring and grounds.
  • Electrical support for new roof mounted 60 ton Air Handler unit as well as ceiling mount CVB’s and SFD’s.
  • New Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, Code Blue, Intercom, Tele/Data, Clock and Door Access Systems connected to existing building systems.

The project was completed on time in March 2012.

Project Foreman: Brain Batts

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